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Dr. Maude Exantus,DNP, FNP-BC, CHC

Health & Fitness Consultant Specialist Coach

Bio: Activate, Educate & Empower!

  • Educator, Coach, Author, and Speaker
  • IFBB PRO Figure Olympian Athlete 
  • 2022 Ben Weider Natural Figure Pro Champion
  • Doctor in Nursing Practice DNP, a researcher on prevention Health, Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition management. 
  • Over 20 years of experience in healthcare, primary care, critical care, corporate wellness, and academia. 
  • 8 years of undergraduate and graduate nursing professor/instructor experience 
  • Researcher and clinical specialist optimizing body composition for fat loss and weight management for optimal health.


Loleta Riley
BBL Owner & Chief Training Executive
BodyByLoleta™ is committed to motivating our clients to lead health-conscious lifestyles. We envision a world where an increase in activity in individuals’ lifestyles improves their bodies, their health and their lives in general.

Empowering Lives, One Personalized Plan at a Time: BodyByLoleta™ is dedicated to motivating individuals on their health journey through customized meal planning. In envisioning a world where increased activity transforms bodies and lives, we believe in the power of exercise as the best preventive medicine.

At BodyByLoleta™, successful body transformations are not just a specialty but a commitment. Our trainers turn athletes into champion competitors, ensuring that every journey with us brings noticeable results. Join us and inspire a healthier world, one personalized step at a time.

Health & Fitness Consultation includes:


45 minutes consultation discussing specific health, nutrition, and fitness goals.


Reviewing body composition analysis evaluation


Coaching recommendations for fitness and nutrition goals with specific recommendations. 


Discussing best practice methods for weight management and fat loss based on body type. 


Setting goals for self-care and healthy living options for optimal health.


Discussing and reviewing the best supplements for fat loss, building lean muscle, and weight management.

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