Premium nutrition bars provide nourishment to the body while helping to keep it in a fasting mode activated by high (good) fats, reduced carbs and protein.

What are ProLon Fast Bars?

After 20 years of extensive research, the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California (USC) discovered a nutrition formulation that supplies the body with specific foods while also allowing it to remain in a fasted state for a variety of potential life-enhancing, health benefits. Fast Bar™ was clinically tested as part of the Fasting Mimicking Diet® and is the only nutrition bar that mimics fasting. It’s a great and delicious nutrition source to satisfy any hunger pangs while extending your intermittent fast until your next meal.

Why Use ProLon Fast Bars?

ProLon is aimed at kickstarting cellular clean-up and rejuvenation, may encourage the maintenance of healthy metabolic factors associated with aging, helps promote energy and clarity, and may initiate targeted fat loss for a trimmer waistline.

Where to Purchase ProLon Fast Bars?

ProLon Fast Bars are now available through our network of Biote Certified Providers and are available in two delicious flavors; Nuts and Cacao Nibs, and Nuts and Honey.

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